Friday, November 7, 2008

Magritte- Art for the Analytical Mind

I was never a big fan of his style of painting, but I can certainly respect the thought that goes into this art. Pretty cool, I'd say, especially when you consider the titles. This one is called "The Human Condition." So, what does it mean?

Or consider this one called "The Son of Man." An allusion to the Creation story and its effect on us perhaps?


courtney said...

Hey Sophie,

Good to hear from you too! I remember your sun burst picture! I loved that one! And the one you did of your sisters when you were little girls, I think you gave that to Sarah for her birthday or Christmas.

Do you guys see David often and his wife...Umm Marie is it?

Thinking in Color said...

Thanks Court!!! I miss you girl!!!! I can't believe how big your kids are!!!!!!!!!!

We used to see Dave and Mary more often, but they moved out East and we are really bad at keeping in touch... as you can tell. :oP