Monday, May 11, 2009


These are my latest designs, and I just can't seem to be able to keep the Sea Creatures one in stock (which I LOVE). LOL. It is M2M Euro*girl's adorable Sea Creatures set. With how well this is selling I'm really looking forward to the Fairycakes debut launch that is coming up on Friday. I have 2 fairy totes and a whole bunch of jewelry I'll be listing!!

I just got this flowers jewelry set listed this morning too. We will see how it goes!! :o) The matching outfit is by Piatillys, and it is really cute!!!


Kelsey said...

Okay, PLEASE tell me you'd be willing to make one of those sea creatures bracelets for Sydney...PULEASE? And for cheaper than what the bid is on ebay(holy smokes, your gonna be rich!!). Email me if you would and tell me what you'd charge...that is the cutest stinkin' set I've ever seen for a little girl...I try not to shop on Etsy or anything because I would spend way too much on cute stuff like the outfits in your posting. Maybe I need to start a jewelry business... ;)

Thinking in Color said...

Thanks!!! :o)