Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eiffel Tower for Matt & Cierra

I'm going to be doing a painting for Matt and Cierra of the Eiffel Tower in the style of this green cityscape painting. The plan is to do the background some shade of green, and I think it would look good to have the green be a fade rather than a flat color, almost like in a photo but more stylized, of course. Cierra, I think a 22"x28" or a 24"x30" would be a good size,

but then again I haven't been in the room you're putting it in, so what do you think?


Matt & Cierra Owens said...

I think 24"x30" would be perfect. I haven't painted the bathroom yet and I actually don't really have anything in there as of now. I was thinking of using the painting as my inspiration for the other deco. Does that leave too many options open? Let me know what I can do to narrow it down more if I need too. :)

Thinking in Color said...

Okay, that will work fine then. I just didn't want to use the wrong green and have it not match. I will go buy the canvas tomorrow and get started!