Monday, February 25, 2008


I now have access to some huge canvases. The largest is about 48"x60" and 2"deep. At some point I would like to get all of the equipment to stretch my own canvases , and then I could make them as large or small as I want, but for now I have to go with the pre-made canvases. KP, I have a barn-wood frame to go with your painting we talked about.


Matt & Cierra Owens said...

Hey! I'm so excited for this blog... it looks awesome. As soon as we get into our house I want to get a few paintings. I'll let you know. :D

cycles and cynicisms said...

Sophie! Can I hire you to re-vamp Cycles and Cynicisms blog layout?? I can't believe how good the site looks!

FYI, I will be mad if you sell my Van Gough!!!

KP said...

Sounds great, for the 14" x 18" right? Those canvases sound awesome, what is the plan for those? Didn't Rothko paint on 4 foot plus canvas?

Thinking in Color said...

Matt & Cierra, anytime you want some art let me know!! I'd be happy to help.
Thanks cycles and cynicisms!!